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Nevada Center is Open and Accepting New Clients

We are now accepting new clients In NV!

We are now accepting new clients In CO!

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Welcome to Advanced Neuro Connections

Advanced Neuro Connections Inc. (ANC Inc.) was co-founded by Carrie Myers, MSW, BCBA and Tanja Brown, M.S., LPSP. Tanja Brown is a School Psychologist and parent of a 23-year-old daughter with Autism Spectrum Disorder, therefore highly vested in the success of each client under our care and understanding of the unique and wide-ranging challenges that families of children with developmental disabilities face. Carrie Myers has a wide range of experience as a clinical director, ensuring treatment integrity to clients, as well as staff development. We are dedicated to each of our team members to ensure they are equipped with the skills, knowledge, and tools necessary to maximize their time spent with each client. ANC Inc. will ensure that each client engages in highly effective, practical, and unwavering ABA therapies that promote growth.

Although we provide services in both the state of Colorado and Nevada (Las Vegas area), services vary greatly between the two states. Please click on the respective ‘Colorado Services’ or ‘Las Vegas Services’ tabs to find out more.

We are proud to announce that our parent training protocol Synergistic Approach to Coaching Skills (SACS) is available on Amazon for Kindle. The accompanying Parent Skills Assessment will also be available to score as a hard copy and online tool soon.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to make available technology and resources available in the fields of both ABA and Physical Wellness that enhance one’s cognitive and physical performance in order to to achieve the greatest success in life. We seek to integrate assessment, treatment planning, and family training, using research-based techniques to ensure progress for all of our clients.