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logo_bGenSyn is a multifaceted app that includes a curriculum, stimulus library (photo), CEU certification, instructional videos, and client portal, both mobile and web-based. It is not only a means by which parents, teachers, school psychologists, BCBAs, BCaBAs, RBTs, and other educators can easily choose an individualized curriculum for the purpose of instructing individuals of all ages and skill levels, but also an expedient way for professionals to maintain their credentialing


The curriculum is comprised of over 10,000 skill acquisition targets that are readily found and chosen from dozens of general skill areas, then easily extracted into a treatment or IEP plan. Each target in the GenSyn curriculum includes a list of appropriate SDs from which the user can choose, as well as the type of target it will be (i.e., DTT, Task Analysis, etc.). Once the target and its details are chosen, the target is downloaded to the student’s treatment plan instantly, after which блог maleand female net красота teaching and tracking of progress can begin. With a simple app, choosing targets and building a treatment plan is suddenly quick, easy, and painless.


Reinforcer Selection

The reinforcer selection section will allow the user to quickly choose from hundreds of reinforcer’s via a drop down menu. The various reinforcers come from a variety of categories such as social, play, tangible’s and more.


For targets that necessitate picture stimuli such as expressive object labeling, photos are available and ready to use. Simply click the “Stimuli” button located on the individual target. Photos relating to the target will appear, subsequently allowing users to quickly implement the program with less time between individual teaching trials. In addition stimuli, downloads including report formats and task analysis steps are also available.

Learner PORTAL

The client portal will allow you to add your clients information and save selected curriculum such as program, target, target type, SD’s and reinforcers. In addition you will be able to extra this information (web based) in table format into a treatment plan and or Individual Education Plan (IEP) for each student. The learner portal allows for easy treatment plan updates.



GenSyn also includes Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for providers such as BCBAs, BCaBAs, RBTs, teachers, and School Psychologists. Obtaining CEUs through the GenSyn app affords an easy, portable and convenient way to learn and stay up-to-date on new teaching methods and information, as well as keep their credentialing current. CEU’s are submitted through the app or online (web based) and certificate of completion will be emailed. ALL CEUs are included in the initial, one-time registration fee for the GenSyn app!