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SACS (Synergistic Approach To Coaching Skills)

easy editingSACS is a parent education model specifically designed to empower parents and caregivers of individuals with autism and or other disorders. We believe that each parent and/or caregiver should understand the basic principals of behavior interventions in order to follow through with procedures implemented by school personnel or therapists. Our approach is heavily based in Applied Behavior Analysis principles and that the need for intense behavior services, in particular for the younger population, should be stressed. However, it has become clear over the years that due to lack of insurance coverage funding and frequent breaks in service coverage such as school holidays, individuals often times go without much needed services. SACS will provide parents the knowledge base to generalize skills learned and follow through with behavior and skill acquisition at home. Both the SACS In-Home Coaching and the SACS Intensive Training can be implemented in collaboration with already existing services or as a stand-alone program.

SACSTwo-Day Intensive Training and Coaching – ANC, Inc. will offer two-day intensive group parent training several times per year or by request. Although most trainings are offered in groups, we will also train in the family’s home as some parents may not be able to attend a group training. These trainings are presented in a combination of classroom style, modeling, and actual practice of interventions, and skills to be taught. We will cover the following:

SACS12-Week In-Home Coaching – This approach starts with an initial assessment of the individual in need and subsequent development of a treatment plan. Once this is in place, the coaching is implemented in the home or community with a family member or caregiver. The sessions are typically scheduled over the course of 12 weeks, each session lasting 1.5 hours. In each session, the staff and parent will agree upon the most vital behavior to reduce or eliminate and target two skills to increase. Approaches will be molded to the parent or other caregiver who will practice to mastery with the consultant.

Staff Training

ANC will work with you to ensure that all trainings are customized to your need. We offer training packages that cover brief single topics to more in-depth trainings that prepare your staff for the BACB’s Registered Behavior Technicians exam. Please note: Any of the below topics may be separated out into shorter workshops as needed by agencies.

It is important that staff understand basic behavior principles, how to read basic behavior graphs, and understand programming such as extinction procedures and more. However, training should go beyond the basics and be comprehensive in nature to include agency or school specific needs. The two-day workshop is geared toward staff and includes various topics and may be adjusted per agency and or school’s needs, but will meet the BACB RBT requirements of 40 hours training.