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ANC Inc. is owned and operated by Carrie Myers, BCBA, MSW and Tanja Brown M.S., LPSP, (Licensed Professional School Psychologist), who together offer two decades of experience in school psychology and behavior analytics. As a team, we strive to meet the needs of individuals who desire to improve their well being, whether cognitively or physically, with a focus on expanding life skills in all areas of functioning.

All treatment provided by ANC Inc. is rooted in principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), known to be the most researched and scientifically validated intervention for treating severe maladaptive behaviors that are so commonly present in individuals with Autism and other developmental disabilities. ANC Inc. is also the creator of the GenSyn curriculum and CEU training, soon to be available online as well as in app format for both parents and professionals. The GenSyn curriculum and CEU training will include 16,000 goals/targets to choose from in order to develop the most individualized treatment plan specifically for your child, while also providing parent education and coaching. GenSyn enables both parents and providers to more easily implement a variety of strategies to teach appropriate language, adaptive, self-help skills, behaviors and social skills while incorporating a family-friendly approach.

ANC Inc. is committed to enhancing both the brain and body performance of individuals striving to improve their physical and cognitive performance including athletes, individuals suffering from depression as well as individuals with autism spectrum disorders. Whether you are an athlete who wants to advance performance on the field or court, or the parent of a child afflicted with a developmental disability such as Autism. Our philosophy is a holistic one that encompasses the treatment of mind, body, and environment of not only individuals, but of those who influence them as well such as their family members. We seek to do so by serving as a resource to families, connecting them with professional and Medical Doctors as well as offer some biomedical treatments at our new center location.

ANC, Inc. is dedicated to our nation’s veterans, servicemen, and women, as well as their families. ANC, Inc. staff will provide parent and caregiver training at one of the two locations in Denver and or Colorado Springs, as well as in home settings in the State of Colorado. We will provide home-based services in the State of New Mexico, offering assessment, treatment planning, parent training and coaching as well as in home ABA therapy.

Treatment of Developmental Disabilities:

Through the provision of services including Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA), behavior consultation, treatment planning, and parent training, we treat maladaptive behaviors that often accompany developmental disabilities while also fostering the emergence of vital adaptive skills such as functional communication. However, we believe in not only treating the symptoms of these conditions, but also the internal and external components that may be causing or contributing to their presence. Though our clinic is scheduled to open in 2017, biomedical interventions will be available and implemented alongside behavior therapy. The goal of such treatments and family trainings is to target vital daily skills, such as adaptive, memory, vocal, social to improve overall functioning, and improve actual brain functioning. ANC Inc. strives to serve as connector to biomedical services and information exchange to educate the parents in Colorado of other intervention that may proof to be advantages to implement alongside with ABA services.