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Wellness Program

It has been shown that more than half of the individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder are overweight or at risk for being overweight. This in part may be due to their resistance to exercise, low stamina, low muscle tone, and maladaptive behaviors that possible interfere with the exercise routines. In addition, many individuals with ASD lack a basic understanding of health issues and concerns even in adulthood, thereby hindering their motivation to independently maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy eating and physical activity are vital to staying healthy, and individuals with ASD and their families are no exception to this. ANC Inc. realizes the importance of incorporating physical activities and healthy nutrition into one’s treatment on a regular basis to achieve overall physical health and wellness.  We strive to help parents and caretakers achieve this by incorporating exercise-specific skill sets and expanding nutritional intake programs when necessary and when desired by parents or caretakers. We want to ensure all children have in their repertoire the necessary skill set needed to engage in an active and healthy lifestyle.

A healthy life style including regular exercise may also foster better sleep habits, direct physical behavior into a more positive channel, reduce overall weight, and raise serotonin levels, thereby increasing overall mood.

In the future, ANC Inc. will further develop our website and programs to serve as a resource for parents seeking a variety of healthy alternatives. We believe strongly in an active lifestyle; therefore, all of ANC Inc.’s staff receive as a benefit to them a monthly membership to 24-Hour Fitness.