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Advanced Neuro Connections Inc. (ANC Inc.) sets out to implement exceptional Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services in the greater Las Vegas, NV area. Our in-home services and center-based practices focus on increasing the quality of life of our clients, their family/caregivers and the family unit as a whole. This approach allows families and caretakers to assist their child in achieving optimal growth in various areas, as well as feel supported and equipped to navigate the world of ABA.

We take great care in developing treatment plans that identify behavioral excesses and behavioral deficits using research-based ABA methods. However, we also incorporate yoga and other movement programs to foster individual wellness within each client and train for generalization to home and community environments.

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Services Provided to Clients and Parents

Comprehensive Initial and Ongoing Treatment Plan Development – Skills to teach are selected to build skills including social, play, language, adaptive, cognitive, physical wellness, fine/gross motor, executive functioning, academic, and more.


Initial and Ongoing Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs), including both Direct and Indirect FBAs.

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